Telecommunications. More than voice.

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Telecommunication. Telecoms, telco, tel. I always thought of it as “pick up the receiver, make call”. That’s it, right? Wrong. With the way technology as evolved, it is so much more than a voice call.

Oh, so you mean VoIP? Yes…and no. VoIP’s just a component. Telecoms in the 21st century has finally caught up to its grass roots definition.

Derived from the French, télé (at a distance) and communication (well, that’s obvious), Telecommunication can be defined as “the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium…at a distance”. That is, communication when you are not physically with the recipient of your message.

For years telecoms literally was just “nommer, asseblief” and being patched through accordingly. I guess you could argue that telegraphs are included if we go that far back, cool, keep it. That’s still limited.

Today, you can make voice calls over your Internet connection (Voice over IP, VoIP). You can also video call, email, instant message, send voice notes, Tweet, Facebook and almost anything else you want over that same connection.

2016 Telecoms is what most people are calling unified communication or converged telecoms. They really are one and the same.

Gone are the days where we had to answer our desk phones, take down a separate number, walk on over to the fax machine, then go to the copier. We are done with the need for multiple appliances. We are done with the need for an Internet line, plus fax line, plus voice line.

We’ve simplified it all. One connection, multiple applications, one device. It’s unified communication. It just makes business sense.

  • It’s far more convenient,
  • Cheaper,
  • Faster and
  • Easy to upgrade or downgrade.

Still not clear? sums it up perfectly, “Unified communications (UC) refers to the integration of communication tools that help people exchange ideas and do their jobs more effectively.”

UC combines asynchronous and synchronous communication so that the user has easy, central access to all these tools on a single device. It is the integration of email, instant messaging, presence information, mobility, unified messaging and collaboration.

UC means that you do more, in less time.

Most of us are already embracing the world of UC without even realising it. Toggling between emails, Skype chats, Google Hangouts, while working on a Google Doc collaboratively over a conference call. Whilst on that call, you log into your CRM to look up the details of someone missing, click-to-dial and quickly add them in too.

It’s next-level multitasking. Then, you need to hit the road and you take the conversation with you! Colleagues and clients alike are none the wiser. You’re still on that conference call, you simply transferred the call to your mobile.

It helps you communicate more efficiently and optimises business processing.

When true unified communication is implemented in a company, productivity soars while running costs are drastically reduced.

  • Staff can acquire much-needed information faster. This means they can get back to your clients faster too.
  • Remote offices (work from home) capabilities assists with reducing costly overheads for rent, travel and everything that goes with it.
  • Your records can be impeccable. Imagine your ERP being able to save recorded telephone calls as an attachment to a client profile?
  • You can actually record calls – which may be important for legal purposes or assist with training.
  • You are increasing ways for customers to reach you. The more accessible you are, the better for business.
  • It also means that customers can contact you the medium they are most comfortable with, which makes for a better customer experience.

I really could talk about the benefits for another year.

Sounds too good to be true, there must be a catch. Well, I don’t know if you would call these catches. There are not really any downsides to adopting UC in your business. Just considerations.

Before you jump, choose a reliable partner. Your UC experience as well as gaining the most bang for your back relies heavily on two factors:

  • last mile Internet connection and
  • initial set up.

It’s even better when you have one partner who can provide both. That’s where we come in.

You want someone who knows this game of UC inside out. You want a partner who understands how your business runs so that the best solutions can be put in place, the first time.

You then need (not optional) a reliable Internet connection. What good is it having the most advanced Internet Protocol communication, if you have no Internet to start with?

The Converged Group have spent the last 12 years grooming the best representatives to help you find your solution. We have also scoured South Africa to find, and negotiate with the best partners and suppliers we can find. This way, when we create a telecoms solution for your business, we know each and every component has been carefully considered and crafted to suit your goals. We can implement solutions we are proud of.

We are always right here when you need us. No hit and run here. Granted, our solutions are so robust our support team have become ping-pong champions. However, if you ever need them, they are there to answer your call – paddle in hand.

Why not speak to one of our representatives to get your communications unified and fortified?

We’ll assess your current set-up and provide honest, business savvy advice to help you implement a cost saving, efficient and convenient solution in no time.

Call, email, heck… hit us with a Tweet, a Comment or a Connection today. We’ll be ready.

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