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Converged Telecoms comes from a PBX or Voice backround, making this the area we have the longest track record in. We have chosen to focus on one Global Product set; Mitel – Aastra to ensure that we are leaders in this niche field. We pride ourselves in being highly qualified; training only with the OEM, to ensure we are always cutting edge on the technical front. We have won numerous awards and have many accolades to share with our customers to help boost confidence in our team of professionals. Being an importer, we are also able to offer the most cost competitive solutions possible.

We have also developed our own in house Voice servers to compliment our Big Brand focus. We do not see these product sets as an alternative or comptetitive brand, but rather as a complimentary addition to our voice stable. The Converged IPCC is used in branch environments connecting back into Aastra PBX’s in Head Office nodes. It has also been used to bolt onto Aastra core engines to offer SIP conference bridges, voice logging, cost effective voice mail and well priced high in functionality call centre solutions. In some instances it is rolled out as a stand alone PBX were a highly flexible and cost effective solution is the customers requirement.We have six years of development history on the Convergence IPCC and it is now certainly a mature product in its own rights.

Hosting / Cloud Solutions is the fastest growing sector in our business as companies look to move away from capex towards opex models. This ensures our customers remain cutting edge and avoid expensive PBX forklifts down the line. This solution reduces the number of “moving parts” that can fail and by default maintenance costs come down. It also reduces the VoIP barrier to entry and allows any size company to take advantage of reduced call costs.

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