In the end, it’s all about the connectivity

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Internet Connection

Let’s take a step back, shall we? In this day and age of technology that does things only dreamed about a generation ago, what is the most critical part of your telecom and connectivity systems?
Well, to put it bluntly, it’s the connection. Period.

If we envision the Cloud and the “Internet of Things” as a giant chocolate milkshake sitting in front of you and you (and your watering mouth) as the technology that you need to run from the Cloud – a computer, a phone system, even a security platform – then you know that you aren’t going to enjoy the full flavor of that milkshake with the straw you stir your sundowner with.

You need a bigger straw.

The “straw” in this case is your network connection and the answer is now Fibre. Now, downloading cute videos of kittens at home is one thing, but for those individuals, businesses, and even governments that are using the Cloud actively to run telecom systems or other high volume data platforms, the ability to have the highest quality of connectivity is paramount to success.

…And not all Fibre is created equally.

What we keep seeing on the international front as we continue to expand our own End-to-End (E2E) solutions is that the power of the technology is only as good as the vendors that deploy the technology. This is born out in case study after case study around the world as well as our own experiences in the telecoms and connectivity sector. The solution? When it comes to the connection you need, understanding your needs and projecting those needs into the relevant future is critical and if the company you are partnering with is not actively pursuing every new advance and seeking to understand how new technologies assist their clients, then you need a better partner. That brings us back to that milkshake and the straw. Converged has been determining how big the straw needs to be for our clients for a long time and the reasons behind our success are directly linked to how we provide solutions – not products – to our clients.

This goes into every aspect of telephony and connection – last mile supply, management and monitoring, voice solution supply, Premise and Cloud-hosting, and yes, even maintenance. Just as importantly, as a part of our End to End solutions, we work with our clients to streamline and consolidate how they are impacted by costs.
Does it work? Yes. In fact, we’ve deployed solutions for clients that increase their efficiency all the time but more importantly, we save them money.

Currently, the fashionable thing to do in South Africa is lay Fibre and simply sell the connection to the user. As an expert in the space, I have to tell you that using that logic is going to cost you dearly and a far better business solution is to partner with an expert and use that expertise to craft a solution that rewards you for a much longer time. An example of this – recently, a UK-based organisation rethought their entire network with a clean sheet of paper and no prefabricated expectations and was able to utilise faster network connectivity (a 50% increase) and lower costs by 30%. The reason for this success? Partnership and communication. They wisely realised that they aren’t telecoms experts so why waste their own resources learning how to become such?

The critical point for us, in South Africa, is to demand more from the connections that we are given. Knowing the importance of the network and the speed of the connection, it’s imperative that end users expect five things from any Fibre solution they select:
• Enhanced Service Offerings
• Cost Escalation Control
• Synergy of Capabilities and Infrastructure
• Exploitable Opportunities
• Retained Control of their environment

If network and connectivity users demand these sorts of parameters, then any user will have the opportunity to fully optimise the IT environment they operate in. On the other hand, if users aren’t aware of how big an impact that network providers play in the overall quality of the connection, then the speed and efficiency that users truly need can be lost.

Our primary goal at Converged Group is to provide the support and service to our clients to allow them to fully optimise the connections they have and strive towards achieving a universal standard to correctly scope the user’s requirements, and more importantly, ongoing monitoring and management to ensure that what was installed continuously meets the business demands of all users.

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