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Businesses do one of two things – evolve or fail. Converged Group knows this better than most and has lived it for many years. Starting out as a high end PBX / Contact Centre organization we have evolved due to market & customer pressure into a now mature Convergence House. Capable of switching any media through a multitude of last mile options. Equally proficient in Voice, Data and Video.

Think about companies from the last century that produced cassette tapes or video cassettes.  They either evolved into compact discs or data storage, or went out of the industry altogether.

In the telecommunications world over the last ten years, we’ve seen a true revolution in the industrialised world and it’s been discussed over and over again how the smartphone and connected devices are slowly eroding the dedicated phone system in business.

Inevitably, though, businesses not only need phones, those phones are one of only a handful of ways that people communicate to one another.  With that in mind, integration of phones into data systems has been a high-priority item now in business for the last decade.  The result?  An often painful integration from older PBX systems into next generation VoIP communication systems that is usually an unholy marriage.

Now, truth be told, everybody knows that you can throw money at problems and at a certain point, those problems will go away, but small businesses (and big business, too) don’t have the budget to endlessly “try” to make things work.

And so as the industry has evolved, so too has the Converged Group. You see, Converged started out as a specialist telecoms provider and, as with the changing dynamics of the industry, we made a decision to stay at the forefront of these developments, and ensure that we lead our customers in how to integrate all these systems, applications and connections, with the end goal to ensure overall cost reduction and improved efficiency.

We are experts in Telephony, proven in our track record as a leading systems integrator and service provider to some of the biggest names in the market. Now, Converged Group handles connectivity, VoIP, internet, cloud communications, all managed and supported by our internal team of experts, dedicated to providing superior service and support to each and every client.

To put it simply, Converged Group has, and will continue to evolve with the needs of our customers, committed to handling every aspect of the communications spectrum. This of course it works really well because we use a consultative approach to align with each client, ensuring that we meet the business need, but we take planning to another, more critical step, by looking into the future requirements for each of our clients.

The end result is a communications company that can handle the entire range of the technology spectrum and design a system that ultimately works the way their clients need it to work, not the other way around.

For more information on Converged Group’s innovative approach to converged communications solutions, reach out to us today by clicking here.

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