Service & Escalation Procedure

We want to provide the best customer and electronic communications services in South Africa. If you feel like this hasn’t been achieved, please be sure you are familiar with how we prioritise queries as well as our escalation and complaints procedure.

Logging a Service Query

  1. A service request must please first be logged via our help desk before it can be escalated.To log a request an email must be sent to
  2. In instances when you are unable to email us, please call us on our switchboard on 010 591 4600 and ask representative to log a ticket on your behalf. You should receive a unique ticket number. Please quote this ticket number when following up on your query.


  1. You must please have a ticket number in order to escalate a query. If a ticket has not been logged prior to the escalation, and no ticket number is quoted, then the escalation will be considered invalid as it is deemed that the first step in escalation has not been followed.
  2. Queries should first be escalated to the relevant department manager. Being for business or commercial sales, or for service support & accounts related queries.
  3. The escalated query must be submitted by email (Unless you are unable to

For more information contact us on 010 591 4600 or email us at

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